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Betekenis Set.
MoReq2010 also uses the term set" as a collective noun to refer to groupings of entities. Set is een kaartspel, in 1974 ontworpen door Marsha Falco, en in 1991 door het door haar en haar man opgerichte Set Enterprises. Latere uitgevers zijn F.X.
Set in C Standard Template Library STL - GeeksforGeeks.
Returns the copy of the allocator object associated with the set. Difference between Set and Unordered Set. Set stores elements in a sorted order. Unordered Set stores elements in an unsorted order. Set stores/acquire unique elements only. Unordered Set stores/acquire only unique values.
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set Definition Facts Britannica.
A set with no members is called an empty, or null, set and is denoted. A set A is called a subset of a set B symbolized by A B if all the members of A are also members of B.
The Daily SET Puzzle America's' Favorite Card Games.
The Daily SET Puzzle. The Daily QUIDDLER Puzzle. The Daily KARMA Puzzle. Tuesday, July 26, 2022. If you don't' see the correct date above, REFRESH your browser. The puzzle is updated daily at 12:00: am PST. Yesterday's' Solution Restart. SETs Found: Hover to Enlarge.
SET Redis.
Set key to hold the string value If key already holds a value, it is overwritten, regardless of its type.Any previous time to live associated with the key is discarded on successful SET operation. The SET command supports a set of options that modify its behavior.:
SET meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary.
set sb sth She was set the task of looking for ways to cut costs. set sb a goal/target/challenge Analysts said the bank had set itself a tough target of increasing its revenues by 6 per annum. set up shop.
set Nederlands woordenboek -
Eén set, twee sets. Wat betekent set? aantal dingen die bij elkaar horen'' en 'plaats' van opname van een film'' en 'onderdeel' van een wedstrijd Hoe spel je set? set spel je S E T Wat is een ander woord voor set?
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